Thursday, December 11, 2014

AT & T Fraudulently Changes Its Bill Due Date Without Notice & Then Charges A Late Fee

Looking for an image to illustrate my disgust at an AT & T likely illegal billing practice I soon saw I was not alone in my contempt for AT & T.

Didn't AT & T recently get fined for some sort of fraudulent practice?

Well. I think AT & T is in need of another fine, along with some sort of refund to the customers who AT & T's racketeering type billing defrauded of funds.

What triggers a federal RICO racketeering investigation? Let me describe AT & T's sleazy scheme and see what you think.

The bill due date for my AT & T U Verse Internet account had been the 13th of the month, ever since I signed on to the service. A few months ago the due date was advanced a day, with no notice or explanation.

Then the due date was advanced another day. I paid that month's bill a day late due to the bill due date being arbitrarily changed. No "late fee" was charged, that time.

But, when I went to pay this month's bill I found the due date had been advanced again, now with the bill due date being the 8th of the month.

Plus a $9.95 overdue fee had been added to the previous month's bill, which I had paid a day after that month's changed bill due date.

Yesterday I contacted AT & T's customer service chat line. After about 20 minutes someone came online. I explained the problem. The AT & T customer service person said the bill due dates had been changed for uniformity within their system. This sounded ridiculous to me, and so I said so.

I also questioned the legality. The customer service person removed the overdue fee and changed the bill due date back to original.

Now, here is where the racketeering fraud comes in.

How many customers has AT & T done this to? How many customers have paid this bogus "late" fee without a complaint?

How many millions of dollars has AT & T defrauded its customers of, with this clearly fraudulent billing practice?