Thursday, September 5, 2013

Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Coming Soon to Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy

This week Samsung unveiled the world's first smartwatch simultaneously at Germany's IFA consumer electronics show and at New York City's Time Square.

Sony also showed off its smartwatch, called SmartWatch2, at the IFA show. Microsoft, Google, Sharp and Apple are expected to be unveiling their smartwatch versions soon.

Samsung's smartwatch is called the Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear works as an extension of your smartphone, with your smartphone sending incoming messages to your wrist.

You can make a phone call using the Galaxy Gear in total Dick Tracy mode. You can use the Galaxy Gear to browse the Internet.

The Galaxy Gear has a 1.9 megapixel camera which can take photos and 10 second videos.

My question about the smartwatch concept is, is this something people are actually going to want?

Why would anyone want to browse the Internet via a little screen attached to their wrist?

I have not had a wristwatch in years. If I need to know the time I look at my non-smart cell phone.

When out and about in a crowd it is now quite common to see people looking as if they are talking to themselves, due to using some little microphone device to talk into their phone.

Are we now going to be seeing people walking along talking to their wrist?

Am I becoming an old fuddy duddy?