Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Mega Smart Phone Is Too Big For Me

If I remember right I got my first cell phone back in the early 1990s. I don't remember the manufacturer or who my cell service provider was.

I do remember the phone was a big brick sized thing and that all the phone did was make and receive phone calls.

No photos, no video, no texting, no music, no game playing, no movie watching.

Each of my subsequent cell phones has been smaller than the previous, while adding more features. My current, 5 year old cell phone, something called LG from AT & T, measures only 3.5 by 2 inches, when not flipped open.

Unlike my first cell phone my current one does take photos, video, send and receive text messages and plays a game or two. No movie watching though.

I have not replaced my current cell phone with a smart phone due to one overarching reason. That being the size of smart phones. My current cell phone fits easily into a pocket, or my bike bag where I stick my phone, wallet, camera and keys when I go bike riding.

Today I read a newly available smart phone will be the world's biggest, til a bigger one comes along. This new phone, from Samsung, measures 6.3 inches diagonally, is called the Galaxy Mega and is almost as big as a 7 inch tablet.

This just sounds inconvenient to me, to carry around a phone this big. I can see where what one can do with such a phone would be fun. And useful. But the usefulness is lost when the convenience of carrying the phone becomes problematic.

So, I'm thinking, why does someone not come up with a smart phone in which a much smaller phone calling device can be de-attached from the smart phone mother ship when times arise where it is not convenient to be lugging a tablet sized smart phone?

I think I'd get myself one of those....

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