Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Signed Out Of Twitter So Now It Is Time To Go Mobile

I have tried to understand why Twitter is so popular and why one would want to use Twitter. I even checked out Twitter for Dummies from my neighborhood library, but I was too much a dummy to get any use out of the Twitter for Dummies book.

I've had a Twitter account for several years. I have Twitter followers. I follow other Twitterers. I Tweet.

I'd been told that Tweeting with a link to one of my blog posts or webpages was a good thing to do. And so I did so. Such as the Tweet you see below which I Tweeted  just a couple minutes ago.

Twitter limits you to something like only 140 characters to express your Tweet. And so including a URL in all its glory would take up a lot of characters. So, URL shorteners were invented. I use Bitly. Above, in the aforementioned Tweet, that is the Bitly link to my Turner Falls webpage, at the end of the Tweet.

Has it done my website and blog traffic any good to do this Tweeting thing? I have no idea. I know there have been 143 clicks on the Turner Falls Bitly link in Twitter. Is that a lot? Again, I have no idea.

I know Twitter becomes a big deal when some big deal happens. Like when Egypt has a revolution. Or Iran goes in to unrest mode. Or nutjobs set off bombs at the end zone of a marathon.

Or when an important American TV show, such as The Bachelorette is airing. One sees ongoing Tweets of Tweeters Tweeting about the ongoing search by the Bacherlorette for a husband. Is this a cultural advance? Or not?

When I exit Twitter, after finishing with my Tweeting, I am always greeted with the screen you see at the top, telling me I have signed out and then boldly telling me to Now go mobile.

Is going mobile with Twitter something I should do? Or would want to do? Or need to do? Or am not too dumb to do?

I have no idea.

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