Monday, August 12, 2013

I Am Perplexed By Smart Phones So I Continue Using My Stupid Phone

No, that is not my new iPhone you are looking at on the left. I don't have an iPhone. Or any other type of smart phone.

I have an antique stupid phone.

Smart phones seem inconveniently large to me. As in I can easily stick my little stupid phone in a pocket, either in my pants or shirt or jacket.

In the past week or so I read that the iPhone is being beat in the market place by other smart phones using Google's Android operating system.

When the iPhone first appeared it was not too long before smart phone competitors showed up. I did not understand how these copy cats were not violating some sort of Apple copyright.

And then the Apple iPad hit the market, soon followed by other manufacturer's tablets. Again I wondered why these copy cats were not violating some sort of Apple copyright.

I know Apple and Samsung have had some court battles over copyright type issues. If I remember right Samsung produces some of the components that go into the iPhones.

Is the reason why competitors were able to quickly hit the market with their own smart phones and tablets because the components that make up these inventions were such that the iPhone and iPad really were not something Apple invented? Just like the automobile was not invented by one single company.

I wonder how much longer I will be able to keep using my stupid phone before I feel compelled to upgrade to a smart phone? Likely not much longer....

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